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Sustainability Tip

Sustainability Tip - Automated Tank Cleaning


Oct 19

Millions of liters of chemicals and water are used annually during a variety of cleaning processes in all industries. Unfortunately, a lot of the chemicals, water and energy used in the cleaning process are wasted by inefficient application of the cleaning media. At Spraying Systems we believe in the power of automated tank cleaning to deliver a consistent cleaning process and severely limit chemical and water usage. 

Our TankJet® nozzles not only offer an automated and more efficient cleaning process. They also eliminate the need for workers to enter tanks or climb onto equipment – a frequent safety hazard. Workers who are no longer exposed to harsh chemicals and can be deployed to other tasks. As the cleaning media is applied more efficiently via our TankJet® nozzles cleaning times are reduced, and equipment is back in production quicker.  

The TankJet® equipment is ideal for the automated cleaning of tanks, choppers, tumblers, grinders, stuffers, …. It is available in the following categories:

  • Fluid-Driven Constant Speed
  • Fixed Stationary
  • Fluid-Driven Reactionary Force
  • Motor-Driven
  • Fluid-Driven Turbine

Cleaning in Place (CIP) solutions are also available for quick and efficient cleaning to less accessible areas.

To find out more about our automated tank cleaning solutions and how they can save you time, money and reduce your energy footprint be sure to check out our dedicated TankJet® catalog. Or contact your local spray specialist.