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Case Study

Gnotec Sweden secures a major contract thanks to a more sustainable coil lubrication system that saves them over €100,000 a year


Jul 19

Gnotec, a Swedish metal components manufacturer, was looking to secure a big contract with a leading automotive company. To secure this deal they needed to lubricate a metal coil to a tight set of specifications before stamping a variety of metal components with their hydraulic automatic press line. This required Gnotec to replace their existing coil lubrication system so that they could handle 2 different liquids/viscosities at the same time. The lubrication of the metal coil also had to be more evenly spread and the amount needed to be controled more accurately. Furthermore, the old system produced overspray that created unsafe working conditions for the operators and needed to be cleaned. The excessive use of the oil also caused a lot of additional maintenance which resulted in major production loss.

AutoJet Coil lubrication system

After onsite spray tests with the specific liquids our local spray experts decided to install two P400 Lubrication Systems that each have coil lubricators containing 14 “64270-P1/4JAUCO” nozzles. 7 nozzles in the top and 7 in the bottom of each coil lubricator.

By completely separating the 2 systems (including the membrane pumps, valves, regulators and tubes) we eliminate the possibility of accidentally mixing the 2 liquids that were needed to be sprayed to meet the contract requirements.

The signals to control the coil lubricators come from Gnotec’s own PLC in the machine.

With this solution the system can handle 2 categories of metal parts:
• Parts that only need lubrication from emulsion.
• Deep drawing parts that need straight oil.

Without proper lubrication for each category the tools or the parts would break. Therefore it is essential to apply the right amount for each part that is stamped.


Thanks to the new coil lubrication system Gnotec Sweden was able to secure the automotive parts stamping contract. They have also found that they made great improvements on their sustainability goals. The emulsion (oil) usage during the stamping process was reduced with 80% compared to their previous felt roller system. This amounts to about €4,000 / year.

The biggest savings however, were found in the reduction of chemical and water usage during the cleaning process. Not only did Gnotec find it much easier to clean the end product, thanks to less spray and more control, some products don’t even need to be cleaned at all after the production process. The increased efficiency savings during the cleaning process amount to over €100,000 / year.