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Personal disinfection solutions against coronavirus


Máj. 20

As countless organizations throughout Europe are slowly getting back to work it is essential that we continue to keep employees and customers safe. An important way to reach this goal is by providing personal disinfection solutions against COVID-19. The spread is prevented by disinfecting people as they enter and exit closed public spaces (bus terminals, hotels, office buildings, supermarkets, train stations, …)

Personal disinfection: SprayGate

To efficiently disinfect large groups of people our R&D team has developed the FogJet® SprayGate. This gate uses our existing high-quality components for a proven result. People just walk up to the gate and are sprayed with the disinfectant of your choice. Each gate can be easily installed and only requires an electrical socket.

Other disinfection solutions from Spraying Systems

As the global leader in spray technology we have developed a wide range of disinfection solutions that will help you to battle COVID-19 efficiently:

If you have any questions about our disinfection solutions please contact us directly.