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FogJet® SprayGate for personal disinfection and sanitization


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The FogJet® SprayGate for personal disinfection and sanitization is a walkthrough portal that can be placed at the entrance of any public or private building. The system can quickly disinfect and sanitize large groups of people simply by fogging them with the solution of your choice while they are walking through the arc*.

The sprayed mist consists out of very small droplets for an optimal disinfecting result. As and added advantage small droplets don’t have the same wetting effect as large droplets would have. Walking through the FogJet® SprayGate therefore feels more like a pleasant cooling sensation and not like walking through the rain.

*The FogJet® SprayGate is compatible with most sanitization and disinfection agents. Please check with your chemical provider for the safety and effectiveness profile prior to spraying any chemical.

How does the FogJet® SprayGate work?

Each arc contains 7 nozzles that are activated upon approach. The nozzles produce a mist that efficiently disinfect anything that goes through the SprayGate. Because we are using a fine fog the system uses less than 30 ml per person. The system can be adjusted to meet your specific needs by using the controller to change the on-delay and spray-time. The FogJet® SprayGate can also be used to quickly disinfect larger groups by increasing the number of arcs. Typical usage includes supermarkets, restaurants, hotels, offices, production facilities, eventcenters and stadiums.


  • Stainless steel frame
  • PE piping with quick connect fittings
  • Pre-assembled controller and pump
  • Adjustable radar sensor
  • Spray nozzles with clamps
  • Dosing tank with suction lance


  • Multiple arc configuration
  • Custom-branded side-panel prints
  • Ground cover or catch tray

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