Spray Control Options

The performance of pumps, sensors and other hydraulic and pneumatic devices can all affect the performance of your spray nozzles. AutoJet® spray controllers and fully automated spray systems can help you improve product quality, reduce the use of costly chemicals and create a cleaner, safer work environment.

System offerings vary by region. Contact your local sales office for options.

AutoJet Model 1000+

Simple on / off timing of automatic nozzles

AutoJet 1550+ Controller

AutoJet Model 1550+

Precision Spray Control for up to eight PulsaJet® nozzles

AutoJet 1750+ Spray Controller

AutoJet Model 1750+

Precision Spray Control for up to ten PulsaJet® nozzles

AutoJet 2008+ Controller

AutoJet Model 2008+

Precision Spray Control for up to 16 PulsaJet nozzles

AutoJet 2850+ Controller

AutoJet Model 2850+

Advanced Precision Spray Control for up to 32 PulsaJet nozzles

Precision Spray Control

For accurate, consistent application of coatings even when line speed changes

Application-specific Automated Spray Systems

Turnkey AutoJet systems for a variety of spray operations

We can spray it.

Count on our experts to help you spray anything from water to peanut butter, including your viscous coating.

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