Spraying basics

Spray Patterns

The type and shape of the spray from a nozzle can determine the effectiveness and efficiency of your spray operations. Learn all the differences here and find out which spray pattern is best for your application.

Full Cone

Full cone nozzles produce a solid cone-shaped spray pattern with a round impact area. 

Flat Spray

Flat spray nozzles produce a flat or sheet-type spray pattern. Solid stream nozzles are included in this group.

Hollow Cone

Hollow cone nozzles produce a hollow cone pattern with a ring-shaped impact area.

Fine Spray

Fine spray nozzles produce very small drops and deliver a very fine spray using liquid pressure only — no compressed air required.

Air Atomizing

Air atomizing spray nozzles (also called two-fluid nozzles) produce finely atomized sprays using compressed air.

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