Klarion solutions clean and disinfect just as effectively as hazardous conventional chemicals.  The solutions are non-irritating to eyes and skin with no added fragrance, thus reducing the risk of burns and other adverse reactions.  Personal protective equipment (PPE) for workers can be reduced or minimized.  In addition, the drain-friendly solutions are produced in ready-to-use concentrations eliminating the need for dangerous dilution of chemical concentrates.  

Improved Work Environment

Klarion system users report happier, healthier and more productive workers. One facility manager reports, "My workers would quit if I went back to using traditional chemicals." Other system users have reported a decrease in employee turnover due to an improved work environment. Use of the Klarion system enables workers to spend more time cleaning and less time suiting up with PPE.

Environmentally Responsible

  • On-site generation eliminates the pollution associated with the delivery of chemicals, removal of chemical drums or totes and disposal of chemical containers
  • On-demand production eliminates the need to store hazardous chemicals
  • Klarion solutions are drain and disposal friendly

The environmental benefits offered by the Klarion system translate into economic benefits as well:

  • The need to order, store and manage chemicals is eliminated
  • Freight charges for delivery of chemicals are eliminated
  • PPE cost reductions
  • Reduced wastewater costs; reduction or elimination of disposal fines
  • No fees for chemical container disposal
  • Savings up to 30% compared to the cost of traditional chemicals. No capital equipment expenditure; pay monthly based on volume of solutions produced
How the Klarion® System Produces Powerful, Environmentally Responsible Cleaners and Sanitizers Watch