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Spray Analysis

What is CFD and why does it matter?


Sep 20

Solving spray problems, optimizing spray system performance and finding new ways to spray is our mission. In most cases, advanced or technical spray application questions are answered with testing in Spraying Systems Company’s state-of-the-art spray labs. If you want to discover, for example, how to better coat your customer’s new biodegradable meat packaging with a food-safe mixture, we can test the exact operating conditions and find the nozzle system best suited to your customer’s needs. 

In some cases, however, testing in the labs is not possible.

Perhaps your customer’s nozzle resides in a chemical processing tower and so the environment is impossible to replicate. Maybe the spray material is hazardous and thus cannot be tested in the lab safely. Or, testing may be too costly or unrealistic because the customer needs multiple variables tested. In these cases, our solution is to virtually simulate these applications using Computational Fluid Dynamics, or CFD. 

What is CFD?

CFD is a branch of fluid mechanics that uses numerical analysis and data structures to analyze and solve fluid flow problems. Now, that’s a mouthful. Basically, CFD is a computer software that takes in information about a spray system and process, then shows us computer images of that process, so we can find the best solution to the problem.

At Spraying Systems Co., we do this using a combination of highly specialized computer hardware, sophisticated programming and a proprietary library of precision data. This data library comes from our years of testing, which has fine-tuned our algorithms and our information on individual nozzles and systems.

Who uses CFD? 

CFD is applied to a wide range of research and engineering problems in many industries and fields of study. The following applications and industries use our CFD services more frequently than others: gas cooling/conditioning, chemical processing, spray drying, fluid blending and tank cleaning.

The key to understanding CFD as a potential solution is emphasizing that there is a better way to do what you’re doing. Often, our CFD customers didn’t know exactly what occurred in their dangerous or unpredictable settings, and CFD revealed the answers.

If you’d like to discuss the topic more in depth please contact us or connect with me directly via LinkedIn.