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TankJet Motor-Driven Nozzles for cleaning IBC containers


Oct 21

We're happy to announce that our motor-driven TankJet® AA090 and AA190 tank cleaning nozzles are now also available for use with IBC containers. The RD165 thread is suitable for most IBC containers and can easily be retrofitted to existing AA090 or AA190 products.

Other features include:

  • • Quick installation with screw cap
  • • Cap material and sealing PE / EPDM (other sealings on request)
  • • Compatible with AA090 / AA190 electric and air motor
  • • Cap can be fitted onto existing TankJet® AA090 and AA190 products with three-prong flanges
  • • ATEX version available on request

The high impact of the TankJet® AA090 / AA190 products is ideal to clean especially dirty containers with sticky residue or encrusted dirt.

Depending on the level of contamination we also have a large variety of other products (TankJet® 75, MiniRokon®, ...) that are suitable for cleaning your IBC container. If you'd like to know more about our tank cleaning options be sure to contact your local spray expert.