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New Generation Spray Control: The AutoJet® E1850+

AutoJet E1850 New Generation Spray Control


Jul 20

The New Generation Spray Control AutoJet® E1850+ is designed to be a perfect fit for nearly every spray application. The system optimizes the performance of your automatic spray nozzles for an efficient use of resources and a high quality end result.

In combination with the PulsaJet® automatic nozzle the system achieves very high cycling speeds. This allows adjustment of the flow rate based on changing operating conditions such as:

  • Belt speed
  • Pressure fluctuations
  • Product change
  • Recipes
  • … and much more

The  AutoJet® E1850+ Spray System can be used as an autonomous spray system or can be integrated into any existing process control system.

To discover what new generation spray control can mean for your spray application please see our selection of related case studies.

More information about the AutoJet® E1850+ can be found in the product brochure: