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Case Study

Glass mosaic manufacturer installs a more efficient spray system that matches their sustainability goals

Glass mosaic


Nov 21

Glass mosaic manufacturing is a challenging and competitive industry. The finished products ends up in highly visible places like building facades, lobbies and swimming pools. Often used in landmark projects, product quality is key.

One of the leading players in glass mosaic manufacturing contacted us to see if we could come up with an improved solution for an application that makes the tiles more shiny. With customers in over 100 countries they want to make sure that the delivered tiles are brand new even after long shipping times.

For this application the tiles are sprayed with a water-based liquid that contains small particles. The liquid needs to be agitated constantly to prevent the particles from decanting and dropping to the bottom of the tank.

Until recently they were applying this liquid by constantly running the spray and limiting exposure through a rotating disc system. This approach meant that it was impossible to control the applied dose. Additionally this system took two operators three hours to clean and reassemble.

With a high focus on sustainability the glass mosaic manufacturer decided to look for a better solution that would be easier to use, give full control over the dosage and be less wasteful.

AutoJet® spraying system

As the world leader in spray technology Spraying Systems Co. was consulted to look into the application. Our Precision Spray Control (PSC) technology is capable of producing an accurate, consistent application of any liquid. Our PulsaJet® nozzles can be opened and closed up to 10,000 times per minute. This flexibility allows us to spray accurately and with minimal waste. In combination with our AutoJet® spray controllers the PSC technology gives operators full control over the application.

In this situation we decided to build a system based on:

Before purchasing the system the customer decided to rent the system for 3 weeks. This gave them the time to test it thoroughly in their production environment. Different settings and results were compared to meet their high quality standards.


The glass mosaic manufacturer was happy to see that the new AutoJet® system met the expectations they set forth. With full control over the spray they can set the dosage exactly as required. This precise control over the amount of shine on the tile has even helped them to expand their product range with more variations.

The biggest advantage over the old system however is to be found in the easier maintenance. It no longer takes prohibited two operators three hours to clean and reassemble the system. A huge time and cost saving.

Last but not least the AutoJet® system is a lot more sustainable than the previous solution. By being efficient and creating almost no waste it’s a perfect match with our customers’ sustainability goals.