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Case Study

AutoJet Egg glazing system improves the quality of Yorkshire puddings and saves 500 pounds per day in scrapped products


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A well-known convenience food processor needed to apply egg glaze on their Yorkshire pudding to ensure a tasty looking side dish. Over the years they perfected their egg glazing recipe to very specific requirements: Maximum 2gr. of glaze per pie at a temperature between 5 and 8°C.

To do this they were using a spinning disc system to apply the glaze on the puddings as they arrive on a moving conveyor in rows of 6. Unfortunately this system was using a recirculation process that heated up the glaze. It was adding temperature to the egg wash quicker than they could process, resulting in ingredients being scrapped. Furthermore the system they were using wasn’t accurate enough to guarantee a maximum of 2gr. per pudding. Clearly, this solution was no longer sustainable.

To solve the problem the food processor started looking for a consistent and accurate method of applying the egg glaze so their requirements would be met. This way they could improve the quality of their pudding and reduce scrap.

AutoJet® Egg Glazing System with PulsaJet® Nozzles

Our local spray specialist was contacted to present a solution that would meet the expectations. With 80 years of experience in spray technology, and a line of specialized food systems, we had just what the customer was looking for.

Together with their production engineer we decided on an AutoJet® Egg Glazing system. This contains:


As a return customer the convenience food processor had full confidence that we would deliver the solution they needed. The AutoJet® Egg Glazing system brings the consistency and accuracy to the application that they were looking for. As a result they are now saving £500/day in scrapped product costs. Full control over the application also means that the quality of the Yorkshire puddings has improved to be much more consistent than before.