Download the Optimizing Spray Injector Performance in Petroleum Refining Brochure

Spray injectors, sometimes referred to as quills or lances, are widely used in every refinery. With the demand for refined product rising, so is the demand for spray injectors as petroleum producers embark on upgrade/expansion projects and new construction. Spray injectors are often viewed as simple devices that deliver fluid or gas to the nozzle prior to injection. However, spray injectors can have a significant impact on the performance of the entire spray system and should be given careful consideration during design and fabrication.

Optimizing spray injector performance requires an extensive knowledge of spray technology. And that’s where we come in. We work with leading engineering firms and oil companies around the world to design and build durable, dependable, low maintenance injectors that deliver the required performance be it in the FCCU riser, catalyst regenerator, coker, pollution control equipment or other areas of the refinery.

In this brochure you’ll learn more about spray technology, key design considerations for spray injectors and ways to optimize performance.

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