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World water day 2021: What we are doing to limit our impact on the environment


Mar 21

March 22nd marks the annual World Water Day. It is a time for everyone to reflect on our global water usage and an opportunity to focus on how we can limit our impact on the environment.

As a global market leader, Spraying Systems Co. has a big impact on the environmental footprint of a diverse set of industries. More than 200 billion liters of chemicals and water flow through our products every day. This means we have an important responsibility to help everyone that uses our products be as efficient as possible. Our goal is to limit their and our impact on the environment as much as we can.

How we limit our impact on the environment

To help us achieve our goal we are focusing our efforts on two main pillars:

  • - Research and development into new technologies
  • - User awareness

How R&D limits our impact

Since our founding, over 80 years ago, we have been looking into new technologies to improve our products and solutions. By continuously studying and applying new ideas to spray technology we have developed numerous innovations. These innovations are used everyday around the world to handle even the most challenging spray applications.

Helping our customers be more sustainable

Our sales engineers are specially trained to identify opportunities that could increase customer efficiency. Selecting the correct solution can significantly decrease environmental footprints and increase our customers’ profits. This ongoing focus has made us a reliable partner to empower organizations to meet their sustainability goals.

Finally, we are also publishing sustainability tips on a regular basis. These can help businesses, in any industry, to be more efficient in their production processes and help them to “Make Every Drop Count“.

Impactful tips include:

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