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Wide area disinfection against coronavirus


May 20

Many governments are currently looking into the disinfection of large open urban areas (bus stations, streets, subways, train stations, …). The efficient disinfection of these large areas requires a big disinfectant supply, accurate droplet size control and powerful pumps for optimal application.

While it is impractical to completely disinfect large areas with SprayCarts or handheld devices we do recommended using these in combination with the SprayCannon to disinfect surfaces that are harder to reach.


Using our extensive knowledge, gathered from large scale dust suppression applications, we have redeveloped the FogJet® MistingCannon to be used for large scale disinfection operations.

The MistingCannon can be mounted on the back of any truck. Due to its worldclass atomization performance it is ideal to quickly disinfect streets and other large urban areas.

Other disinfection solutions from Spraying Systems

As the global leader in spray technology we have developed a wide range of disinfection solutions that will help you to battle COVID-19 efficiently:

If you have any questions about our disinfection solutions please contact us directly.