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Case Study

Snack producer installs new binder application system to decrease scrapped products by 50%


Jul 19

A snack producer with international ambitions needs a binder application system to apply a layer onto their bread sticks. This helps the seeds stick to the dough.

For this application they were using standard flat spray nozzles that were unable to deliver the desired flow rates. This lead to bad distribution of the binder and ultimately to a lot of scrapped products.

To fix the issues the producer was looking for a system to apply a precise and stable amount of binder without the need for an operator.

Binder application system from Spraying Systems Co.

After an on site demonstration the customer was convinced of the solution our local spray expert proposed. An AutoJet® Modular Food Spray System with a PulsaJet® header was selected as the best solution.

The system contains an AutoJet® 2008+ controller with open tank liquid delivery system and diaphragm pump with automated refilling for ease of use. The header is equipped with 4 PulsaJet® Nozzles to guarantee accurate application of the binder.

To give full control over the application, and provide optimal results, two systems were installed on different lines.


The customer was happy to find the system worked as presented by our local spray expert. Scrapped product numbers have successfully dropped to less than 5% of the total production. With the previous system this was over 10% of the total production. The new system also no longer needs a full-time operator to handle regulation, verification and cleaning of the system. This frees up time for other tasks and limits labour costs.

Savings have also been made by reducing the binder liquid use with 30% and thus adding to achieving the company’s sustainability goals.

The increased efficiency of the bread stick binder application process has resulted in a quick return on investment and a satisfied customer.