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Small area disinfection against coronavirus


May 20

Preventing the risk of spreading between individuals through everyday objects poses a major challenge (doorknobs, park benches, public transport, shared tools, shopping trolleys, …). Even when taking the necessary precautions sometimes it’s just impossible not to touch the same surfaces.

To safely share common objects we have developed a range of specialized solutions to efficiently disinfect these surfaces.

Small area disinfection: Mobile SprayBlower

The mobile spray blower combines our FogJet LP nozzles with our efficient blowers to provide the fine atomization that’s required for efficient disinfection. The setup is put on a cart so it can easily be used wherever needed. Just provide the disinfectant supply of your choice.

Alternatively, the FogJet LP can also be installed on an existing blower. (like for example a leaf blower etc.).

Other disinfection solutions from Spraying Systems

As the global leader in spray technology we have developed a wide range of disinfection solutions that will help you to battle COVID-19 efficiently:

If you have any questions about our disinfection solutions please contact us directly.