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Case Study

Prolonging shelf life with new atomizing spray technology


May 21

A company specializing in food packaging was looking for expert spray advice for a new solution they were developing. For this innovation they needed a system that would be capable of accurately spraying water that is atomized by an unnamed gas into food packaging. If the packaging is sprayed with precision the innovative new approach would greatly improve the shelf life of the products inside.

AutoJet® E1850+ Controller with PulsaJet® Nozzles

As the leading experts in spray technology Spraying Systems Co. was contacted to provide our insights. With a proven track record of spray applications in food industries we were selected as the ideal partner to develop the solution they were looking for.

To create the finely atomized water / gas mix that they needed our experts decided on a combination of our AutoJet® E1850+ controller and PulsaJet® nozzle technology.

The combined technology gives full control over the spray applications and allows the users to accurately set the required dispersion.


The system that was offered met the requirements for the customers’ new innovative food packaging solution. The packaging can be sprayed according to precise specifications and without wasting any of the water or gas that are used in the process.