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Case Study

Prolonging cake shelf life with AutoJet Alcohol Spraying System

Cake with glazing


Oct 21

A cake-producing bakery is specialized in producing cakes on an industrial scale. To ensure that the end product quality meets consumers’ expectations efficient conservation methods are of the essence.

A common application to extend the shelf life of the product is to add a small dose of alcohol in the packaging bag to create a protective atmosphere. Even at high speeds the alcohol needs to be sprayed on a specific strip of the cake to have optimal distribution. The process also needs to be repeated consistently to ensure the quality standards are met.

This spray application is challenging because of 2 factors:

  • • Spraying alcohol can cause explosions
  • • Line speed can be very high (up to 90 bags/min)

In this case the bakery was looking for alcohol spraying systems for two separate lines. Each line produces two different sized cakes that need to be sprayed by the same system. By consequence each system needs to be able to adapt to 2 different sizes. Finally, everything needs to be easily cleanable to maintain food hygienic standards.

AutoJet® alcohol spraying system


With many years of experience in food-safe ATEX spray applications we were consulted to design a system that would meet the bakery’s expectations.

Our Precision Spray Control (PSC) technology is capable of producing an accurate, consistent application of any liquid, even alcohol. Our ATEX certified PulsaJet® nozzles can be opened and closed up to 25,000 times per minute. This flexibility allows us to spray accurately and with minimal waste, even when operating conditions change.

After demonstrating the system at our regional spray technology center we could convince our customer about the setup we were offering. It consists of two identical alcohol spray systems with:


After demonstrating the AutoJet® alcohol spraying system the bakery decided to order 2 systems. The new solution is offering the reliability and repeatability they needed to deliver a high-quality end product. 

Our customer was especially impressed by the easy maintenance of the system. The software is very user-friendly and the cleaning process is quick and effortless.

Full control over the applications means that they can accurately spray the necessary amount without dripping or waste. Altogether the AutoJet® alcohol spraying system is a sustainable solution that prolongs shelf life to prevent food waste.