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Preventing listeria infection - how to get started


Oct 19

The recent outbreak of listeria on meat products around Europe made many headlines. As you know the listeria bacteria thrives on products such as raw vegetables, meat and fish. The chance of a food infection by the listeria bacterium is low, but the consequences can be large.

How to prevent listeria infection

Good hygiene measures in the production process are often not sufficient to prevent contamination. In order to increase food safety, antimicrobials have been developed by various liquid producers. These are often sprayed directly onto the product by using a spray system.

As the market leader in spray technology we can help you with this. Our antimicrobial spraying systems have been developed specifically for this purpose. These spraying systems can dose a set and controlled amount of antimicrobial on each product or in each package.

You can find more information about the application of antimicrobials in this whitepaper: