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Case Study

Automotive parts lubrication system cuts producer oil use by 30%


Jul 19

A leading automotive parts developer and producer offers pressed components to major European car manufacturers. To lubricate the parts before pressing they were using felts. These didn’t give them control over the applied amount of lubricant and often caused uneven lubrication of the parts. The process was also causing oil to be spread around the lubrication area. This started to cause unsafe – slippery – work conditions for the factory workers. To prevent any accidents from happening, and prepare for future innovations, the customer decided to select a new automotive parts lubrication system.

The new solution had to be able to offer precise and automated lubrication without causing overspray and dangerous work conditions. To stay ahead of the competition, they also wanted the system to be flexible enough so they could produce a higher variety of parts more easily and open up new business opportunities

AutoJet Automotive parts lubrication system

Felt lubrication systems are often replaced with the Spraying Systems’ AutoJet® P400 Automotive parts Lubrication Systems. These systems consist out of a base unit and a coil lubricator. They can spray high-viscosity lubricants according to very precise specifications for an optimal result.

After our local spray expert demonstrated the P400 Lubrication System with 1/4JAU nozzles on one of the customer’s lines they realized the huge potential.


The automotive parts producer was happy to note that the AutoJet P400 automotive parts lubrication system could automatically apply the lubricant accurately and without under- or overapplication. This higher accuracy rate has decreased the total oil consumption by more than 30%. In fact, the savings are so huge that they have installed the system on all of their 6 production lines. Furthermore, the cleaner systems add to the sustainability goals and contribute to a cleaner and safer work environment for the factory workers.