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Case Study

Alcohol spraying system prevents glue sticking to rolls and saves €13,500 a year for baby diaper manufacturer


Jul 19

A large international baby diapers manufacturer merges fiber sheets to form the final product. The sheet that is coming in from the top is glued together with the other sheets while it is passed over metal rolls. Without an alcohol spraying system this caused glue to stick onto the rolls. This happened at three different points in the production process – causing quality issues.

To avoid this, the manufacturer would open the machine doors – which automatically stops the process – and manually apply sopropyl alcohol onto the rolls using a spray bottle. Unfortunately, pausing the process only aggravated the sticking problem. So, to get around this, they created an access point in the door of the machine – eliminating the need to open the door. However, this meant it was almost impossible to spray from the correct distance and at the right angle.

With the main goal being process efficiency, the diaper manufacturer was looking for an automated spray system that didn’t pause the machine. They also needed a more accurate application of the spray that didn’t over- or underapply the alcohol. This way they were confident of solving the sticking issues and unwanted delays caused by manually spraying the rolls.

AutoJet alcohol spraying system

After an on-site demo and testing phase the customer was convinced of the quality of the proposed alcohol spraying system. Our local spray expert recommended a perfect fit for the customer’s specifications:

  • AutoJet® 1008+ PWM Control Box (Single Channel) connected to the machine’s control system
  • 3 ATEX Hydraulic PulsaJet® nozzles with TPU650067-SS tips
  • Atex Basic System

This system gives the customer full control over the spraying process and allows Precision Spray Control (also known as PWM). They are able to automate the timing as well as switch to manual control when desired. A couple of months after using the system they also ordered the system for 5 other lines in the factory.


The acquisition of the AutoJet alcohol spraying system with PulsaJet® nozzles exceeded the customer’s goals. Apart from fixing the sticking issues and saving production time, the diaper manufacturer drastically reduced alcohol consumption: Thanks to Precision Spray Control the savings amount to over € 13,500 per year.

The more accurate process even improved the overall quality of the diapers and also helped to reach sustainability goals – resource use has heavily declined.

Another important factor in making this project a success are the safety gains. The previous method could never rule out industrial accidents. But now, since workers no longer have to manually apply the spray in the machine, the process is a lot safer and they can add more value in other parts of the production process.