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AutoJet® F2150+ Spray Controller

Spray Controllers

AutoJet® F2150+ Spray Controller

Improving performance and efficiency in food applications just got easier with the food version of the AutoJet® F2150+

The AutoJet® F2150+ is the standard in food industry spray control. It is primarily designed for PWM applications. The PWM technology and the PulsaJet® nozzles are the ideal solutions to control dosage and prevent misting. This increased efficiency results in decreased ingredients costs and limits cleaning costs and maintenance time. The system can be equipped with a pressure sensor that allows continuous monitoring of the working pressure. An incremental encoder allows the system to spray only on the products and not in between.

Technical Data

  • Hygienic Design

  • Stainless steel enclosure: 600 x 390 x 220 mm

  • AutoJet® F2150+ electronic controller

  • IP55

  • 7’’ HMI display

  • 220 V (single phase) / 5 A

  • 24 V-DC voltage control (48 V-DC is optional)

  • Reading of the instantaneous consumption
    (optional and not available in dual channel configuration)

  • Maximum 16 Pulsajet® on a single channel or 8 PulsaJet® on dual channels (2 sets of 8 PulsaJet® nozzles) (PWM and with an ambiant temperature of 35 °C)

AutoJet® F2150+ Spray Controller Spray Layouts

Single Channel

Dual Channel

Single Channel with Zoning

Dual Channel with Zoning

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