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Case Study

Timber producer takes control over mold inhibitor spraying process to save chemicals and improve product quality


Jul 19

One of the leading European woodworking companies applies a mold inhibitor to ensure good quality timber. It is essential that all products are coated to make sure customers are satisfied and returns are limited.

To do this, the customer was completely immersing the timber into the mold inhibitor. This meant they had no control over the volume that was being applied to the timber. Lots of expensive chemicals were being wasted in this way. The overapplication also started to affect the humidity of the product and started causing quality issues.

The result of the mold inhibitor process was starting to affect the reputation of the timber producing company. Therefore, they started to look for a solution that could give them full control over the application. The objective was simple: 25 ml/m² needed to be applied on different product sizes at speeds of up to 270 m/min.

Mold inhibitor spraying system

Our local expert saw huge potential savings for the customer by spraying the mold inhibitor instead of immersing the timber. Eventhough the speed of the line is quite high we were confident that we could meet the requirements.

By installing an AutoJet® 2250+ Modular Spray System with 8 hydraulic PulsaJet® nozzles we can automatically adjust the spray to the line speed and the size of the timber. This way we have full control over the process and we can ensure the inhibitor is applied correctly and the costly chemicals are not wasted.


After installing the 2250+ PulsaJet® spray system, results were immediate. By spraying rather than immersing, the company was able to fully control the amount of coating applied and tailor spray widths to different timber products. This inevitably reduced costs and allowed the company to exceed sustainability goals set by the management team. More importantly, the company was able to reduce customer complaints and reaffirm its reputation as a supplier of high quality timber goods.