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Case Study

Research Center installs versatile spray testing system to find more sustainable ways to process plastics

Plastic researcher


Oct 21

A technology research center that’s focused on solving the challenges related to plastic and its role in society reached out to us with a very (un)specific request.

As a research center they are doing a lot of testing to stress and verify a large variety of ideas and solutions. Because of that they were looking for a spray solution that could offer a lot of versatility. Up until recently they were using a standard handheld wall painting gun as part of their spray testing equipment. Obviously this makes it difficult to perform accurate and repeatable tests so they decided to look for a replacement.

The solution they were looking for needed to be - above all else - versatile. To replicate numerous applications they wanted to be able to spray different coatings, viscosities, resins, ... with and without loads. The tests needed to be automated as much as possible to ensure complete control over the process. Accurate spray quantity control for products that were being feeded through a conveyor setup was a must as well. Additionally the system needed to be able to use both air atomizing and hydraulic atomizing nozzles.

Versatile AutoJet® Spray Control System

As the world leader in spray technology Spraying Systems Co. was consulted to come up with a versatile system that would meet the research center’s requirements. 

Recently we launched a new standard AutoJet® system that was optimized to deliver full PWM and automation functionality for basic spray applications. As such it is a perfect match. The full system contains:


The research center was happy with the newly installed solution and the flexibility it offers. All the production, accuracy and quality benchmarks they set forth have been met. Our customer is looking forward to using their new testing equipment and contributing to a more sustainable world.