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Case Study

Chicken processor saves €11,500 annually by using new AutoJet® salt water spraying system


Jul 19

A leading chicken processor was looking to change its salt water spraying system. In this application they completely coat all of the chicken parts. They do this by using a set of 8 flat spray nozzles for each of the 2 production lines. Because this solution did not have a controller they were just spraying the salt water mixture continuously – causing high water consumption

Obviously, the processor was looking for a more sustainable solution that could limit water consumption. The solution also had to spray 20gr of salt water per chicken at a rate of 200 chickens/min.

AutoJet salt water spraying system

After careful consideration we installed an AutoJet® 2008+ Controller with a set of 6 PulsaJet® nozzles per line. This PSC system gives full control over the salt water spraying process. Nozzles are switched on and off very quickly without interfering with spray angle, coverage or drop size. A sensor detects the incoming chicken and turns on the nozzle for an optimal result.


By using smaller capacity PulsaJet® nozzles that allow PSC control we have managed to bring the water consumption down by more than 50%. This simple, yet effective, solution saves our customer €11,500 each year and has a big impact on reaching their future sustainability goals.