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Case Study

Better quality chicken with new spray process


Aug 19

A large chicken processor was looking to deliver better quality chicken to their end customers. After intensive research they found that the consumers preferred juicier chicken meat and that they found it more flavourful compared to producers’ previous recipe.

To meet the consumers’ expectations the chicken processor decided to apply an oil-based liquid to the chicken. This according to a tight set of specifications. For an optimal result the liquid needed to be applied as closely to the packaging process as possible. So the chicken processor asked us to come up with a solution that could handle this process automatically.

New spray process for better quality chicken

Our local spray expert proposed a solution with 2 sets of headers to apply the liquid to the chicken. Each header contains 3 PulsaJet® nozzles and is controlled by an AutoJet® 1850+ system. This setup enables the nozzles to instantly open and close without affecting the spray performance. After an on site demo of the system the customer was convinced that this was the solution he was looking for. The complete control of the spraying process guarantees an optimal application of the oil on the chicken and a more flavoursome end product.


The proposed solution was exactly what the chicken processor was looking for. By installing the AutoJet® System with the high-performing PulsaJet® Nozzles they can accurately apply the oil-based liquid to the product just before packaging. The chicken is now more flavoursome and customer satisfaction is up again.