Nozzle brands WindJet® Air Products

Nozzle brands WindJet® Air Products

Lower your energy costs and improve performance in drying, cooling and blow-off operations with WindJet air knives and air nozzles from Spraying Systems Co.

The Broadest Line of Drying & Blow-Off Products

We manufacture drying and blow-off nozzles and air knives for use with either blower air or compressed air. Depend on our spraying technology experts to help you select the best option.

AutoJet® Blower Air Knives and Air Cannons

Our offering includes regenerative blowers that produce a powerful, high-volume air stream. Using blower air can save up to hundreds of thousands of euros per year.

WindJet® Compressed Air Nozzles, Air Amplifiers and Air Knives

Reduce operating costs, improve worker safety and provide precise, repeatable drying and blow-off. Reduce compressed air usage by up to 92%, compared to open pipes.

WindJet® Compressed Air Nozzles Case Studies

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