Showers for pulp & paper

Paper manufacturers look to Spraying Systems Co. for all the showers, nozzles and other spray technology needed for a range of operations — from the wet end to the dry end of the paper machine.

Wet-end Showers and Nozzles

We’ve designed a broad range of showers and nozzles for the wet end of paper machines. These products are ideal for fabric cleaning, lubrication, chemical showers and more. 

  • Built-to-order showers range from brushless to brush-type, with special features to fit specified operations, including manual and automatic brush showers (pictured right).
  • Oscillating shower systems can be used with brush or brushless showers for deep fabric cleaning.
  • ShowerJet nozzles are disc-type nozzles that fit inside automatic brush showers. Internal brushes easily sweep away debris.
  • NeedleJet nozzles are ideal for cleaning and washing felts, fabric / wire and suction rolls.
  • FloodJet® nozzles are ideal for chests and headboxes.
  • Self-cleaning shower nozzles are ideal for showers with high solids content in the water.
  • VeeJet® nozzles are ideal for roll lubrication, chemical showers and edge deckles.

Dry-end Showers

Our showers for the dry end of paper machines are designed for effective, efficient application of chemicals, moisturizers and other additives.

  • Built-to-order showers are customer-specified to fit existing equipment and optimize performance.
  • PulsaJet® precision coating showers are ideal for applications requiring increased process control. They eliminate overspray and waste of costly resources.
  • Box-style moisturizing showers are ideal for moisturizing and chemical shower operations.
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