Hydraulic Cooling

Spraying Systems Co.' hydraulic nozzles offer continuous casting cooling through larger droplet sizes.  

FullJet nozzle range

Continuous Casting Cooling with Hydraulic Nozzles

Our FullJet® full cone hydraulic nozzles are designed specifically for demanding conditions in steel mills.

  • Nozzles ensure more uniform distribution across the entire spray pattern than other full cone nozzles.

  • Spray angle is unaffected by changes in operating pressure, allowing for wider variations in casting speeds.

brass HHX FullJet spray nozzle

HHX FullJet® Nozzles

HHX FullJet® nozzles are ideal for use in continuous casting machines for billet products.

  • Superior spray distribution compared to conventional full cone nozzles.

  • Full range of spray angles and capacities - change cooling parameters without the need to move manifolds.

  • Staked vane stays in place, withstanding high heat and vibration to ensure a consistent spray pattern.

  • Socket design provides for easy installation and maintenance with standard tools.

  • Low-profile designallows nozzles to sit close on the header, to prevent debris from collecting or falling on the nozzle.

stainless steel rectangular FullJet spray nozzle

Rectangular FullJet® Nozzles

Two spray tip options are available to meet your needs.

  • 25381 spray tips produce a thick, rectangular, uniform spray pattern and feature a smaller orifice to minimize fluttering and maximize cooling efficiency. They’re widely used in upper section cooling in slab, billet and bloom casting.

  • D41539 rectangular spray tips are ideal for cooling billets and blooms.

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