Nozzles VX-Series Automatic Air Atomizing Nozzles

Nozzles VX-Series Automatic Air Atomizing Nozzles

VX-Series nozzles provide the perfect blend of performance, versatility and convenience.

With VX nozzles, quality problems, clogging, misting, time-consuming manual adjustments and complicated maintenance are eliminated. You’ll experience longer, uninterrupted production runs, reduced set-up time between batches, lower scrap rates and decreased maintenance downtime.

VX-70 nozzle


  • Precise, uniform coverage and a superior finish even when using hard-to-apply coatings
  • Indexing air caps with 30° increments ensure proper spray alignment and repeatable performance from nozzle to nozzle and from run to run
  • Optimized air distribution, maximum air efficiency and minimal overspray reduce waste of the coating material and keep the work environment clean and safe
  • Large selection of fluid nozzles and air caps that are interchangeable, creating hundreds of performance options
  • Liquid, atomizing air and fan air are all controlled separately and easily adjusted if fine-tuning of the flow rate and air pressure are required
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