Nozzle Brands FullJet® Full Cone Spray Nozzles

Nozzle Brands FullJet® Full Cone Spray Nozzles

Choose from the industry's broadest range of hydraulic full cone nozzles to ensure uniform spray distribution in your application.

The Industry’s Largest Selection of Full Cone Nozzles

FullJet® nozzles are ideal for spraying fluids containing particulates. Our experts can help you tailor any FullJet® nozzle for your needs.

  • Full cone spray pattern creates a round impact area.
  • Square and oval spray patterns are also available.
  • Unique vane design ensures uniform spray distribution.
  • Large unobstructed flow passages minimize clogging. 
  • Spray angles range from 17° to 170°.
  • Connections range from 0,3175 to 20cm (male and female NPT and BSPT); up to 30cm with flange.
  • Flow rates range from 0,19 to 32,530 lpm.
  • Operating pressures reach up to 25 bar.
  • Wide choice of materials.

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