Automated System Brands AutoJet® Technologies Spray Control Systems

Automated System Brands AutoJet® Technologies Spray Control Systems

Optimize your operations with AutoJet® Spray Controllers and automated systems.

Automated, Optimized Spray Operations

The performance of any spray nozzle depends on that of the other system components, such as pumps, sensors and other hydraulic and pneumatic devices. That’s why we’ve developed our line of AutoJet® spray controllers and automated systems for coating, lubricating, marking and many other spray applications. Our technologies range from simple on / off control to sophisticated, real-time monitoring of process variables and automatic adjustment of spray performance.

  • Spray controls improve product and process quality.
  • Automatic flow adjustment reduces the use of water, chemicals and energy.
  • Less waste / misting ensures a cleaner, safer work environment.
  • Automated operation frees up workers for other tasks.
  • Spray Controller Options range from basic to intermediate and advanced. 
  • Precision Spray Control uses electrically actuated PulsaJet® spray nozzles and an AutoJet® spray controller.

Application-specific Automated Spray Systems

Our spray technology experts have designed AutoJet® Spray Systems for a range of specific applications, including:

  • Applying mold inhibitors to baked goods
  • Delivering antimicrobial agents onto food products or packaging
  • Multi-ply tissue lamination
  • Lubrication of dies, molds and metal strip
  • Gas cooling and conditioning
  • Application of release agent, resin, wax and moisture on engineered wood products
  • Spraying viscous liquids using temperature-controlled spray systems
  • Electrostatic lubrication of conveyor chain
  • Floor and carpet coating 

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