Systems for food applications AutoJet® PHM-50

Systems for food applications AutoJet® PHM-50

The AutoJet® PHM-50 is an oiling / lubrication system with open tank for spraying all kinds of viscous liquids.

The AutoJet® PHM-50 is ideal for all kinds of viscous liquids especially lubricating oils using PulsaJet® spray nozzles or any other automatic spray nozzle by Spraying Systems. The tank is double jacketed as well as the spray header. The liquid is permanently circulating by a VFD driven screw pump. The open tank allows convenient refill during production, while an automatic refill is available as an option.

AutoJet® PHM-50 Oiling / Lubrication System with Open Tank

  • PLC/2850+ Controller
  • 50 liter open tank
  • VFD controlled screw pump without pulsation
  • Liquid circulation
  • Back pressure valve
  • Electronic atomizing air pressure regulation (for air atomizing nozzles)
  • Temperature control:
    • Internal water heating circuit for tank and spray header
    • Non-heated circulation tubes
  • Analog level control
  • Automatic refill (option)
  • PWM Modes:
    • Fixed duty cycle
    • Grams per cavity
  • Consumables:
    • Compressed air
    • Electricity (480 VAC)
  • Input: Trigger, Remote Setpoint, etc.
  • Output: Up to 8 PulsaJet® nozzles, air atomizing nozzles, fault signal, etc.

Ideal for these applications:

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