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Case Study

Can manufacturer sprays protective coating and increases yearly revenue by € 4 million



Oct 19

A can manufacturer needs to spray a protective coating to the outer welded seams on metal cans. This prevent corrosion from occurring on cans that are shipping overseas. Previously, only the interior of the cans were sprayed since all shipments were confined to the European market. But now the cans are exposed to harsh environmental conditions such as salt water, corrosion protection is necessary.

Without an efficient way to coat the can exteriors, the manufacturer was unable to capitalize on the vast international market.

The best way to spray protective coating on cans

Our AutoJet® E1850+ Spray System was selected to coat the outer seams on all cans shipping outside of Europe. The spray controller regulates the flow of the protective coating to the spray nozzle that’s mounted above the conveyor. An optical sensor detects when cans are properly positioned and signals the controller to trigger the nozzle to spray. The coating is then applied directly on the can seam with minimal overspray. An agitator in the system’s 60 liter stainless steel pressure tank helps achieve a uniform coating by properly blending the protectant before spraying.

Results of the new coating solution

The AutoJet® E1850+ Spray System efficiently coats the outside seams on all cans shipping internationally and effectively prevents corrosion. Coating the outside seams allowed the manufacturer to ship 30 million cans outside of Europe in the first year and added € 4 million in revenue.