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AccuGlaze: Coating solutions for artisan and semi-automated food operations


May 20

As a modestly-sized business in the food industry it can be difficult to find an entry-level, cost effective solution that can automate simple tasks. Most solutions on offer focus on automating the entire production process. These come with a significant initial cost and possibly impact the artisan quality and product range of smaller businesses. To meet the expectations of these smaller bespoke operations we have designed the AccuGlaze.

The AccuGlaze 450 & 650

The AccuGlaze is a complete, stand-alone solution that ensures a high precision application of icing sugar, egg wash for glazing, bio-protective solutions or any other low viscous coating liquid. The system consists of a conveyor, a PulsaJet® spray header, AutoJet® spray controller and pressure tank. Equipped with casters to facilitate setup and if necessary storage after a small production run, the AccuGlaze can be set up and operational in a matter of minutes – even in a small workshop.

Precision spray control technology

Precision spray control technology and the PulsaJet® nozzles offer an extremely high transfer efficiency from spray head to your product, resulting in precise dosage, reduced spray mist and little or no overspray. The result is cost savings through minimal ingredient waste and reduced cleaning time for both the machine and the production area. Finally, the system is equipped with an incremental encoder and frequency converter for the motor. The inductive trigger sensor with delay function ensures the spray is only deposited on the target

Who is it for?

The AccuGlaze can be used by any business operating in the food industry.
Currently used by:

  • Bakeries
  • Caterers
  • Pastry producers

The system can also be easily adapted to similar applications. To find out more contact us directly or download the AccuGlaze datasheet.