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WATCH NOW and learn insights into optimization strategies for refineries & petrochemical/chemical processors. Find out why choosing the right spray nozzle is so critical and how to avoid common specification mistakes. See how visualization tools can provide powerful insights into what is happening inside your process. Witness the difference between injectors and which learn about design features are critical to precise, efficient mixing and cooling.

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FDS-MM5 spraying

Tech Talk: Avoiding Big Performance Problems from Small Components

Why nozzle selection is so critical to optimizing performance and how to avoid common specification mistakes

cfd particle tracking video icon

Tech Talk: How to Avoid Common Problems Like Fouling

Visualization tools that let you see inside your process can help pre-empt a wide range of performance problems

FDS-MFA7 Spraying

Tech Talk: See how to Optimize Additive Injection

Learn about different injection options and how to determine which is best for your application