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Case Study

University wood processing R&D department improves test process with AutoJet E1850 Spray Controller


Dez 21

A university that focusses primarily on R&D for wood industry processes contacted us to help them improve their testing setup. Much of the research they do involves spraying new revolutionary coatings and resins on a large variety of wood products. To be successful they need to have a flexible solution that can easily be setup to repeat tests under similar conditions.

Up until now they were applying the sprays with hand spray pumps. This was a very cumbersome approach that made for inaccurate test results:

  • • Impossible to measure the applied amount
  • • Impossible to apply the exact amount every time
  • • Conveyor belt couldn’t run at the production speed

To get more reliable tests they wanted a new test setup that would meet the following conditions:

  • • Use hydraulic nozzles as well as air atomizing nozzles
  • • Accurate spray - no overspray allowed
  • • Targeted triggering with product recognition
  • • Products need to be sprayed from below and above.

R&D Spraying System

We recently launched a new spray controller that would be a perfect fit for the R&D department.

The AutoJet® E1850+ offers everything they would need in a single system that’s easy to setup and use. The enclosed design ensures that the settings are not accidentally changed while still providing an instant overview of the set parameters. The system can also control up to 8 different nozzles at the same time for maximum testing flexibility.


The newly installed AutoJet® E1850+ system is a huge leap forward compared with the old handheld spray gun approach that the R&D team was using. They are now finally able to bring the spray testing to the same level as their other areas of expertise. 

They can now apply a large variety of liquids and chemicals cleanly, without overspray and without wasting materials.

The university now offers a complete range of wood industry processes in a test setup. As a result they are now working together with many of the largest wood industry producers and suppliers to take care of their advanced R&D needs.