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Full Cone Nozzles Introduction CHO O S E FRO M T H E I N D U ST RY' S L ARGE ST S ELE C T I O N Styles: • Conventional • Quick-connect • Maximum free passage Connections: • 1/8" to 12" pipe sizes • Female and male NPT and BSPT • Flange Spray patterns: • Standard • Wide angle • Narrow angle Flow rate range: .05 to 8728 gpm (.19 to 32530 lpm) Materials: • Brass • Mild steel • 303 stainless steel • 316 stainless steel • Polyvinyl chloride • Hardened stainless steel Operating pressure range: up to 400 psi (25 bar) See Trademark Registration and Ownership, page i-1. • Square • Wide angle square • Oval Spray angles: 15° to 170° • Kynar ® • Polypropylene • ProMax ® • PTFE • Other specialty materials available Optimize the performance of FullJet ® nozzles: Prevent debris from damaging and clogging nozzles, valves and pumps by using strainers. T-style strainers are available in a wide range of sizes, materials and pressure ratings. See page F4 B2 Precisely position spray nozzles to ensure proper coverage of target and minimize overspray with adjustable ball fittings. Leak-proof, clog-resistant fittings are available in several sizes and styles. See page F23 Use split-eyelet connectors to simplify and facilitate installation of nozzles, gauges, hoses and other fittings. Economical connectors eliminate cutting, threading and brazing. See page F23