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B AS I C N O Z Z L E C HAR AC T E R I S T I C S TECHNICAL REFERENCE LASER SHEET IMAGE FLAT (EVEN) NOZZLES • Provides even distribution of medium-sized drops throughout the thin, rectangular spray pattern Typical applications: • When used on a header, nozzles are positioned for edge-to-edge pattern contact • Cooling • Coating • Moisturizing • Washing Spray Angle Range: 25° to 65° FLAT SPRAY (TAPERED) NOZZLES • Produces a tapered-edge flat spray pattern Typical applications: • Used on spray headers to provide uniform coverage as a result of overlapping distributions • Descaling • High-pressure cleaning • Label removal Spray Angle Range: 15° to 110° FLAT SPRAY (DEFLECTED-TYPE) NOZZLES • Uses a deflector surface to form an even flat spray pattern consisting of medium-sized drops Typical applications: • Large free passage design reduces clogging through the round orifice • Washing • Showers in papermaking Spray Angle Range: 15° to 150° HOLLOW CONE (WHIRLCHAMBER-TYPE) NOZZLES • Uses a whirlchamber to rotate the fluid and produce a circular spray pattern Typical applications: • Ideal for use when a combination of small drop size and higher capacity is needed • Cooling products on conveyors • Air, gas and water cooling • Dust control • Flue gas desulfurization (FGD) • Water aeration Spray Angle Range: 40° to 165° HOLLOW CONE (DEFLECTED-TYPE) NOZZLES • Uses a deflector cap to form an umbrella-shaped hollow cone pattern Typical applications: • Decorative spray • Dust suppression • Fire protection • Flush cleaning of tube/pipe interiors • Water curtain | 1.630.665.5000 Spray Angle Range: 100° to 180° A3