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AIR ATOMIZING A I R J E T ® F O G G E R S P R AY N O Z Z L E S SP E CI AL PURPOSE FEATURES AND BENEFITS • 23412 produces high quality, cost-efficient dry fog – Drops average fifteen microns in size and less – Drop size is adjustable to meet specific industrial needs by changing the ratio of compressed air to water – Maintenance time is reduced because the built-in check valve, spray tip and internal strainer are quickly serviced without tools – Can use PVC pipe and low-pressure air tubing 23412 QJ25655 1/4" NPT or BSPT (F) threaded type Split-eyelet type to clamp on 1/2", 3/4", 1" pipe size – Tip has a relatively large clog-reducing orifice • QJ25655 provides fast installation of the nozzle onto the liquid supply pipe – no additional pipe fittings are required – Pipe cutting, threading and brazing are eliminated – Features a chemical-resistant, tight-fitting Buna-N seal to ensure leak-free performance SPECIFICATIONS To Clamp On Pipe Size (in.) .41 1/2 .51 3/4 26 1/4 Orifice Dia. Nom. (mm) 20 AirJet Fogger Type Fluid Orifice No. 16 Nozzle Inlet (in.) .66 1 23412 AirJet Fogger Type Fluid Orifice No. 16 .41 20 .51 26 QJ25655 Orifice Dia. Nom. (mm) .66 ORDERING INFO 23412 COMPLETE NOZZLE ASSEMBLY Nozzle Body – Inlet Conn. – Fluid Orifice Dia. Example 23412 – 1/4 – 20 – 3/4 – 20 Q525655 COMPLETE NOZZLE ASSEMBLY Nozzle Body – Pipe Size – Fluid Orifice Dia. Example QJ25655 BSPT connections require the addition of a “B” prior to the nozzle body inlet connection. B48 | 1.630.665.5000