Mining applications


Mining processing plants feature conveyors that transport solids, such as ore or coal, from ROM Bins or transfer points to on-site processing or ship loaders. As the solids are travelling quickly on the conveyor, dust particles lift off generating airborne dust, which increases when there are prevailing winds present. The Dust Control experts at Spraying Systems Co. can help to maximize dust prevention, by designing the the correct spray setup for your plant to ensure maximum absorption that reduces dust emissions without causing production issues.

Adding water to conveyors is essential to reduce the overall dust through out the plant especially at transfer points and drop points. To maximize dust prevention, you need the correct setup for providing water addition to conveyors. This is where our dust control experts can help.

The wrong spray arrangement can cause over wetting issues such as carry back, chute blockages, belt slippage and excessively high moisture content, while too little moisture will still leave you with a dust problem. The correct balance is to use a flat spray with the correct placement, angle, output and capacity to suit the material you are wetting. Spray nozzle activation can be controlled by conveyor sensors, monitors and system logic.

There are many factors, with many unique to individual mining sites, that need to be considered when wetting conveyors. Our dust control experts can visit you on site and provide a detailed assessment to ensure that airborne dust created by conveyors can be controlled.

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