Gas Turbine Inlet Cooling

Gas Turbine Inlet Cooling

Gas turbine inlet cooling consists of spraying very small water droplets into the inlet airflow to cool the air by evaporation. As a result, inlet fogging is produced, which increases gas turbine power since cooler air is denser. The mass flow of the working fluid increases, allowing for the compressor to operate more efficiently at lower air temperatures.

A turbine inlet air cooling (TIAC) system offers one of the most cost-effective ways to improve gas turbine performance—especially during the peak hours of hot summer months. The generation output from gas turbines is greatly dependent on ambient air temperature— the higher the temperature, the lower the density. TIAC systems also enhance compressor performance which enables more fuel to be ignited without increasing the firing temperature. TIAC systems are a superior solution for air cooling.

hp fogjet and hp multipoint high-pressure hydraulic atomizing nozzles spraying side by side

Why Choose HP FogJet Nozzles

FogJet high-pressure, hydraulic atomizing nozzle that produces a streak-free, uniform hollow cone spray pattern. Very fine droplets below 10 microns in size achieve misting performance.

  • Better performance at lower pressures than conventional pressure-swirl and impact-style nozzles
  • Lower operating pressures for reduced nozzle erosion and longer nozzle life
  • Larger flow passages than impact-type nozzles for reduced clogging
  • Smaller in size and flow than conventional hydraulic nozzles
  • Dual filters: HDPE 85-micron replaceable filter and 200 mesh integrated filter – for reduced maintenance and longer life
  • Available in a wide range of flow capacities and fluid line connections
  • 30% to 40% reduction in drop size for faster evaporation
  • Easy retrofit
  • Increased versatility – smaller than conventional hydraulic nozzles, HP FogJet nozzles are easily integrated in applications where space is limited. For high-capacity applications, HP MultiPoint FogJet nozzles simplify installation and lower costs by having 12, 10 or 8 spray tips on a single body.
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Why Choose Us

We provide a superior solution for air cooling in our state-of-the-art product FogJet®. Using very fine drops, and superior misting performance, our new HP FogJet & HP MultiPoint FogJet foggers create a fine mist of very fine water droplets for the sole purpose of evaporation before they reach the compressor inlet to prevent water carryover. The HP FogJet atomizes water into billions of microfine droplets. Droplet size is the single most important factor governing fog system performance. There’s a reason that HP FogJet is the turbine inlet cooling industry leader. It will increase your gas turbine power output by a fraction of the cost of new power generation equipment.

Most importantly, the return on investment for installing FogJet Nozzles can be realized in less than one year.

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