Roll Cooling

Our experts can help you improve roll cooling consistency and identify / solve related problems quickly in your hot rolling mill.  

Roll Cooling Solutions

We provide products and services to help optimize your roll cooling process.

Can be equipped with a wide range of nozzles, including different sizes or types on a single header; multi-row headers also available.
  • Spray pattern and header placement analysis in roll stand and around rolls helps optimize cooling effectiveness.
  • Roll cooling headers ensure uniform cooling of entire roll.
  • Nozzles provide efficient cooling and proper alignment.

Dovetail VeeJet® Nozzles

  • 15° offset from dovetail axis ensures adjacent spray patterns do not interfere.
  • XT model offers thicker spray footprint and even greater cooling efficiency.
  • Models with integral strainers are available for applications with clogging problems.

Roll Cooling Products & Resources

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