AccuCoat® Temperature-Controlled Spray Systems

Minimize waste and maximize throughput when applying viscous coatings. AccuCoat Temperature-Controlled Spray Systems eliminate the problems associated with the manual application of viscous coatings and with enrobing.

Uniform Application of Viscous Liquids

AccuCoat Spray Systems provide precise temperature control to ensure uniform coating while eliminating overspray. These systems are ideal for coating with chocolate, sugar slurries, glazes, oil, butter and other ingredients and barriers that are solid or viscous at room temperature. AccuCoat Systems are also frequently used for applying chilled egg wash. They allow for:

  • Precise temperature control, eliminating waste caused by coatings that are too hot or cold.
  • Minimal excess or misting.
  • Automatic adjustment to line speed changes.

Several options are available

  • Benchtop systems for R&D.
  • In-line heated systems for light oils and light syrup.
  • Fully-jacketed heated systems for butter, chocolate and heavy syrup. 

We can spray it.

Count on our experts to help you spray anything from water to peanut butter, including your viscous coating.

AccuCoat Temperature-Controlled Spray Systems Success Stories

Waffle Producer Saves US$2.2 Million Annually with AccuCoat Heated Spray System

Bakery Slashes Egg Wash Use by 50% With Chilled Spray System

Cannoli Producer Saves US$69,000 Annually With AccuCoat Spray System

Bakery Solves Safety Issues, Eliminates Compressed Air and Reduces Oil Use by 50%

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