More time spent on cleaning; less time getting in and out of safety gear

Many Klarion system users report workers are more productive and happier. Here's why:

  • With Klarion, workers no longer need to dilute concentrated chemicals – a big safety improvement. The elimination of this time-consuming task that includes gearing up, enables workers to spend more time on other tasks
  • The Klarion solutions are fragrance free and eye- and skin-safe, sanitation workers are freed from wearing PPE and can spend more time cleaning without safety concerns
  • Cleaning with Klarion solutions is simple and straightforward enabling workers to be trained quickly and efficiently
  • The elimination of traditional chemicals not only improves worker safety and productivity, there are economic benefits as well. Fewer absences due to health issues related to chemical exposure and reduced worker's comp claims can have a positive impact on the bottom line
  • Research shows happy workers are typically 12% more productive than unhappy workers. Changing to the Klarion system for cleaning conveys your commitment to improving the work environment for your workers


  • Ordering Chemicals/Managing Inventory – ELIMINATED
  • Dilution of Chemicals – ELIMINATED
  • Disposal of Chemical Containers – ELIMINATED
  • Workers Adding/Removing PPE – ELIMINATED
  • Missed Work due to Chemical Burns – ELIMINATED 
  • Worker Productivity due to Improved Comfort & Safety – INCREASED 
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