The right spray technology can significantly improve product consistency and worker safety for metalworkers and metal product fabricators. Whether you manufacture automobiles or appliances, solutions from Spraying Systems Co. can help you meet your daily production needs, as well as your overall business goals.

Common Applications


Our experts can help you improve consistency, decrease lubricant waste, upgrade from a manual or roller / brush application process, and more. Our wide range of low-maintenance systems are designed to lower costs and increase productivity.

Product Spotlight

AutoJet® lubrication system with PulsaJet® nozzles allows for Precision Spray Control (PSC). 


The right spray technology applies costly coatings precisely when and where they’re needed, with uniform coverage that improves product consistency. Our wide range of systems can apply even the most viscous coatings.

Product Spotlight

Manufacturer boosts production by 20% by applying heated wax prior to stamping. 

Drying & Blow-Off

Removing water and debris from metal sheets and components can be challenging. WindJet® air knives and cannons provide high-impact air streams without the use of compressed air.

Product Spotlight

WindJet® air cannons solve quality problem and eliminate compressed air usage for US$480,000 annual revenue increase. 

See how our spray technology can help you. Spray Demo Metal Fabrication

Metal Fabrication & Forming Success Stories


Spraying Systems Co. installed spray technology that applies the proper amount of lubricant to the metal sheet before forming parts.


The solution from Spraying Systems Co. helped the manufacturer ensure uniform application of lubricant, improving product quality.

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Precision Spray Control (PSC)

Used together, our PulsaJet® nozzles and AutoJet controllers can provide accurate, consistent application of a wide range of coatings with minimal waste.

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