Manufacturers of textiles and non-woven products of all kinds depend on spray technology from Spraying Systems Co. to meet production needs with high efficiency. Whether you need to add moisture or apply dyes, binders, juices, fire retardants or other additives, our experts can help you improve product quality and reduce waste.   

Common Applications


The right spray technology applies costly coatings precisely when and where they’re needed, with uniform coverage that improves product consistency. Our wide range of systems does just that for any coating application.

Marking / Dyeing

We can help you manage the moisture profiles of fabrics to properly control the spray technology in your marking, dyeing and other finishing operations. The AutoJet® spray system with PulsaJet® nozzles makes it possible through Precision Spray Control (PSC).

Spraying Adhesives

Reduce overspray and waste when applying binders to HVAC filters and other products with our PSC technology. You’ll save money and improve worker safety, too.

See how our spray technology can help you.  Spray Demo Textiles and Non-Woven

Textiles and Non-Woven Products Success Stories


Spraying Systems Co. installed an automated spray system to ensure the proper volume of surfactant is applied to fluff pulp rolls.

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Featured Technology

Precision Spray Control (PSC)

Used together, our PulsaJet nozzles and AutoJet controllers can provide accurate, consistent application of a wide range of coatings with minimal waste.

Featured Resource

Precision Spray Control Video

See how PSC can make dramatic improvements in your coating operations.

Textile / Non-woven Product Resources

Find all of our resources regarding spray technology for manufacturing textiles and non-woven products.

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