Depend on spray technology from Spraying Systems Co. to help you ensure food safety and extend shelf life. With extensive experience in the meat and poultry industry, our experts will help you select the right spray systems for applying antimicrobials and for effective facility cleaning.

Common Applications

Meat and poultry processing facilities have used our spray technology to make improvements in these applications:

Food Safety

Spray technology is a proven, cost-effective approach to pathogen protection and extending shelf life of meat and poultry products. Processors use our systems for precise application of antimicrobial agents onto products and into packaging.

Product Spotlight

AutoJet® system saves meat processor $300,000 annually. 


Plant clean-up has to be efficient without compromising quality. That’s why many meat and poultry processors rely on our spray technology to shorten plant cleaning time, sanitize hard-to-reach areas and reduce the use of water and costly chemicals.

Product Spotlight

Klarion™ system saves hatchery more than US$1,300 per month by producing safer cleaning agents on-site. 

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Meat & Poultry Success Stories


Spraying Systems Co. installed an antimicrobial spray system to extend the shelf life of this smokehouse’s whole muscle and roll stock products.


The new spray system from Spraying Systems Co. provided more efficient chilling of steer carcasses, saving 4.3 million gallons of water per year.


A new blower system from Spraying Systems Co. thoroughly blew residual moisture off meat packages, alleviating risk of mold growth and compromised box integrity.


Spraying Systems Co. expanded the existing AutoJet food safety system to boost production by 10 turkeys per minute.

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