Gas Cooling and Conditioning

Poor control of gas temperature, volume and / or humidity often results in excessive emission levels, downtime due to ESP overload, reduced efficiency of damage to downstream equipment, wetting and sludge build-up, and increased energy costs. Depend on Spraying Systems Co. for the process expertise you need to avoid these problems. We’ve got the resources needed to simulate your operating conditions, along with a broad product range and proven track record of success. 

Common Gas Cooling and Conditioning Applications:

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Gas Cooling and Conditioning Products & Resources

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Precision Spray Injectors

See our full line of injectors for gas cooling.

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FloMax® Nozzles

Explore our FloMax air atomizing nozzles for gas conditioning.

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See how our FloMax nozzles work.

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AutoJet® Gas Cooling System

Compact, automated system maintains precise control of gas temperature.

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High Efficiency Steam Nozzles

FloMax-S nozzles eliminate the need for compressed air.

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Learn about optimizing spray performance with computation fluid dynamics (CFD).

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MFP FullJet® Nozzles

Learn about our Maximum Free Passage full cone nozzles.

Gas Cooling and Conditioning Resources

Find all of our resources regarding spray technology for gas cooling and conditioning applications.

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